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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in My Blog |

Marbella is a popular resort in Costa del Sol region that is wrongly thought to be a really expensive destination to go on vacation or holiday. This destination offers many things to do for travelers as well as those who live and work there. Most of its population is Spanish.

Over the years, Marbella has developed to become a place for the more discerning tourists because of its beautiful villas, the fantastic cuisine, and lots of culture, designer shopping boutiques, and excellent beaches. If you are wondering what you can do in Marbella during your holiday we got you covered:

Spend a Day at one of the Beach

Everyone on holiday wants to maximize his or her time relaxing on the beach. If you are looking for a destination with some of the best beaches in the world look no further. Marbella is home to 24 amazing beaches. You can walk to one of the beaches depending on where you are staying. Fontanilla and El Faro can be easily reached by those living in the city center while Las Chapas and Cabopino can be easily accessed by those to the east of the main resort.

Stroll around Marbella’s Old Town

The Marbella Old Town has many things to offer from cafes and restaurants to boutique shops. You can locate this hidden gem near the town center just up from the main street running through Marbella (Avenida Ricardo Soriano). Explore ancient architecture, funky art galleries, and the eateries on the streets of the old town during the afternoon and you’ll love it.

Enjoy the Life at Puerto Banús

Visit this marina to have a feel of how the rich and famous shop and spend their time. Around the harbor are restaurants where you can dine while waiting for the great nightlife scene around this place.

Visit the Theme Parks

Marbella prides itself of theme parks and zoos where you can have fun and some adventure with your family and children. Located in Benalmadena, Tivolo World Amusement Park is one of the best choices for families and children. Some of the activities for children here include magic shows, rides, and live performances. To have some time with wildlife animals visit the Selwo Safari Park. You can locate the Selwo Safari Park, the Crocodile Park, and the Tivoli World within a thirty-minutes’ drive of the city.

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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in My Blog |

Nothing is as exciting as going on vacation with friends or family. Like everyone else, you start by booking your flights, sorting accommodation and even organizing for an itinerary for your stay in whatever destination you’re headed.

Despite your destination, you need good luggage. The term luggage in this case means the storage space in which you are going to keep and carry a limited portfolio of your belongings. A luggage is not just a simple bag for carrying clothes. You don’t want to have a wrong luggage for your trip.

There are different styles, sizes, shapes, and weight of luggage available. You need to evaluate a number of things before settling for the right luggage for the trip. How far is the destination? The type of trip and the duration of staying away are two important factors. Say for instance you are going for a short vacation across the state you’ll just need a small bag. However, going on vacation to Europe might need something sturdier.

A suitable baggage for the trip will help in making your travel arrangements much easier. Before choosing a luggage, first look at the size because no one wants to go on vacation with something that is too large or too small. All you need is a luggage small enough to fit your clothing and accessories and be within the airline baggage limits. As a matter of fact there are specified dimensions of the maximum luggage or bags one can carry on a flight. If you don’t want to pay additional charges, which are usually very expensive, get yourself a luggage that fits all you need and is of a more portable size.

Consider choosing luggage that is lightweight for convenience of carrying around. However, you should be careful not to buy poor quality or flimsy luggage. Ensure your luggage is robust. Cases with wheels are more likely to serve you better especially when moving around. After packing your case it will weigh dozens of pounds meaning it won’t be that easy carrying around. This is why you need to consider these two factors.

The point here is not for you to sacrifice the type or volume of things to carry for the trip. Ensure your bag is solid enough but portable as well. Having wrong cases or bags can make your trip more expensive and distract you from enjoyment and adventure.

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Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in My Blog |

You’ve just arrived home from a vacation in a certain city and you can’t wait to go back for another exciting experience. There are cities or rather destinations that leave you with memories while others can make you regret why you wasted your time. These American Cities will always offer your with new discoveries and surprises every time you spend time there.


Austin is not only a city of high-blow cultural institutions but also prides itself of glitzy restaurants, and elegant architecture. If you want to encounter creativity in art and music, the Texan capital has it all.
Although you might uncover it’s crazy side after a few visits you’ll always make a new discovery and find something new to do in this capital. Austin’s crazy side is characterized by the funky vintage shops, the offbeat nightlife, and the Tex Mex bars. Make yourself at home as you watch the sunset from Penny backer Bridge, enjoy stunning views over Lake Austin, or walk to the Long Center and get entertained for free.

New York

New York is one of the most famous cities that has been wowing travelers and tourists from all over the world for decades. The city features iconic experiences that any new visitor must encounter. From shopping at Macy’s to going for a trip up the Empire State Building and strolling around the Central Park, you can’t delve beneath New York’s skin in one visit. A visit to the city requires sufficient time so that you can discover the mad museums, hidden speakeasies, invite-only restaurants, as well as the quirky little neighborhoods. These features and many others will make you fall in love with New York on every trip.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the American Cities experiencing continuous change. This is a city where the local residents also find it challenging when it comes to keeping up with the continuous turnover of new trends. If this is the situation for local it is even more interesting for visitors.  Every time you return to San Francisco it feels as though you are in a different place.  The city features kooky fashions, life transforming apps, microbreweries, and experience-based restaurants and cafes. The locals are open-minded and friendly. This makes every trip to San Francisco even more exciting.

New Orleans

Apart from being North America’s most haunted city, New Orleans offers a relaxed Mississippi lifestyle that makes visitors to come back. Jazz was born in this city. The city offers visitors with a trip back in time through the charming historic districts, gabled houses as well as its traditional social order. Chances are that you’ll be easily swept up in the romance and exciting experience in this city.

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Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in My Blog |

Paris is a crowded, super-sized, and fast-paced city. However, it remains one of the most magnificent and beautiful cities in the world. The city features famous monuments as well as golden stone facades and a densely packed collection of villages. Unlike other cities, Paris is characterized by shorter lines, lower airfares, and beautiful Christmas markets.

There is always something new to discover in Paris. A common question asked by most travelers is, when is the perfect time to go to Paris? Well, you can visit the city any time during the year. However, it is important to note that the atmosphere usually differs at different times of the year. Winter features different festivals while Spring and early summer offers the best time for café terraces and city parks. Things take a different turn in August when the city slows down into calmness. Many restaurants remain closed during this time.

November is the perfect time to go to Paris because of the smaller crowds and autumnal traditions. During this time, the airfares are much lower than usual meaning you won’t spend a lot moving around. Paris tends to be calmer each year in November and visitors spend less time getting into the Louvre or Musee Rodin. For café-goers, November offers the perfect time to enjoy a hot lemon rum tea (grod) or a mulled wine (vin chaud) on the city terraces.

Don’t forget to observe local laws and etiquette during your visit regardless of the season. Use formal titles such as Madame, Monsieur, and Mademoiselle when greeting people. Remember to use French since it’s the most used language when greeting others.

The autumn festival is one of the seasonal delights during November and incorporates music, art as well as theater performances. Paris holds a citywide tradition on the third Thursday of November annually during the arrival of the Beaujolais nouveau. The month of November is usually a time for taking a breath before the ensuing of the holiday season.

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